Stepsisters Of Christmas Past – S31:E6


Juan Loco is looking forward to Christmas being over with. As he tosses and turns, he mumbles to himself about all the times his dad has gotten married and divorced, leaving him with so many stepsisters. Even as Juan tosses and turns, Xxlayna Marie, his stepsister of Christmas past, materializes in bed and declares she’s going to help Juan get to the bottom of why he hates Christmas so much. Guiding Juan into the living room, Xxlayna shows him a replay of another stepsister, Jill Kassidy, stopping mid-BJ to go open gifts with her friend.Myra Moans is the stepsister of Christmas present. Juan walks in on her fucking herself with a big dildo, but soon she has him on his back as she lectures him about doing something nice for those stepsisters. When Juan asks Myra to suck him off, she disappears. That makes way for Jill, the stepsister of Christmas future. She tells him that he’s going to die soon, but they can have one last fuck before he goes. After sucking Juan’s cock and balls, Jill climbs on top of him. Even as Jill is riding Juan, he blacks out.When he opens his eyes again, Juan finds all three girls kneeling above him. They’re going to fuck him for Christmas! After a triple BJ, Xxlayna rides Juan in reverse cowgirl while Myra sits on his face. Then Jill takes a doggy style pussy pounding while she munches Xxlayna’s pussy and Myra rides Xxlayna’s tongue. The trio finishes with Myra on her back, Juan fucking her nice and deep as Xxlayna enjoys a go with Myra’s tongue. When Juan delivers a nice creampie to Myra, all three girls can’t stop smiling with the Christmas spirit.