My Bad Step Sister – S19:E4


Kinsley Kane has a new stepdaddy and stepbrother. She’s definitely into her stepdad, who has deep pockets and can buy her whatever she wants as long as she makes it worth his while. Kinsley has less time for Jay Romero, her stepbro. When Jay overhears Kinsley telling her friend that she’s going to convince her new daddy to buy her a purse, he becomes suspicious about their relationship. Later, Jay is hanging out in the living room when Kinsley comes home wearing a new outfit and with what is pretty clearly cum on her face.When Jay confronts Kinsley about the jizz, she tries to blow him off. Jay isn’t having any of it. He tells Kinsley he knows what she and his dad are up to. The stepsiblings bicker, and in the course of their fighting Kinsley admits she’d rather have a pussy full of cum than cum on her face. She also realizes that Jay is really hard for her. Jay tries to deny that, but Kinsley is relentless. She winds up on her knees with her pussy out to taunt Jay. Inch by inch, she eases backwards while talking smack to Jay about how badly he must want to fuck her until she has fully straddled him and slid down on his fuck stick. Once Kinsley is seated, she rocks her hips and then turns around to ride Kinsley from behind. Now that Jay has had a taste of the goods, he sees what the appeal is to his dad. He gets Kinsley on her hands and knees and pounds away at that greedy wet twat. Kinsley rocks back to meet each stroke, moaning all the while. Then she rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs so Jay can really give it to her. Kneading her own breasts, she instructs Jay to give her the creampie she’s been wanting. Jay delivers, leaving his stepsister dripping in his cum.