I Want You To Feed Me Stepbrother – S24:E1


Andi Rose and her stepbrother Joshua Lewis are constantly bickering when their parents aren’t around. Andi tells Joshua that she didn’t say he could look at her and to get her a drink. While she snaps selfies of herself, she has an idea: Joshua can be her little servant boy while their parents are out and if he’s a good boy, he can look at her all he wants.Andi tells Joshua to give her some fruit. After giving him a hard time, she announces that maybe she does want him to feed her his banana. Covering her eyes with her mouth open, Andi waits and then starts in surprise when the banana is Joshua’s hardon. She claims she wasn’t expecting it, but it’s clear that she wants it as she strokes and sucks it like her favorite treat.Knowing she wants that D inside her, Andi pulls her shorts off and splays herself out to invite Joshua inside. Joshua gives Andi the goods, then takes a seat so his stepsis can ride his stiffie in cowgirl and them reverse cowgirl. Getting Andi on her knees, Joshua plows that pussy from behind and then pulls out to finish all over her lush booty.