Favors – S3:E2


Blonde haired beauties Elaina Rae and Allie James have sensual mischief in mind when they invite Michael Vegas over for some erotic fun.The two girls share a series of long, passionate kisses and gentle touches as they wait for their man to show up. When Michael does arrive, the girls immediately pounce on him, shucking him out of his clothes and dropping to their knees to deliver an incredible two-person blowjob.After a lengthy time of sucking and licking their beau’s long cock and exchanging more kisses between themselves, Elaina and Allie guide Michael to the bed so that they can explore his dick even more thoroughly with their mouths. Elaina wraps her warm lips around her man’s member and sucks as Allie engulfs his heavy balls in her eager mouth. As Elaina continues to suck, Allie licks her way up and down the visible part of Michael’s shaft.Eventually, the girls pull back from their man’s pulsing cock and stand so they can indulge in another long kiss. Michael takes advantage, pulling down first Allie’s panties and then Elaina’s so that he can nuzzle his face into the valley between each girl’s legs and deliver tender licks to each of their clits.Ready to be pleasured, Allie straddles Michael’s hard cock and impales herself in reverse cowgirl style with one hard thrust. At the same time, Elaina arranges herself with her back to Allie and her wet shaved pussy positioned perfectly for her man to lick and suckle at her creamy slit.Allie takes her time riding Michael while he feasts on Elaina’s tender twat as both of them seek their pleasure. After exchanging a deep kiss with Elaina, Allie is the first to find completion. She climbs off of her man and rolls to her belly, inching up between his thighs so that she can suck his pleasure-giving cock into her mouth for a deep and powerful blowjob that quickly transforms into a handjob as she focuses her attention on fondling Elaina’s little tits and gently urging her off her man’s mouth and backwards onto his throbbing cock.Elaina settles onto her man’s waiting dick and lets him thrust into her for a few moments, but she is soon urged to lie down on the bed instead so that Michael can continue to enjoy her delicious pussy. As she gets closer to her orgasm, Elaina wraps her arms around Allie and rolls her girlfriend beneath her so that the blonde is on top as they make out, and Michael takes advantage of Elaina’s newly-elevated bottom and slides his cock between her smooth legs to fuck her from behind until she screams in orgasmic bliss.The feel of Elaina’s tight sheath fluttering around his sensitive cock sends Michael hurtling towards his own orgasm. As he reaches the edge of his endurance, he pulls out of Elaina’s warmth and jerks himself off as he cums all over her smooth back.