Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro – S22:E2


Codey Steele has a new stepsister in Madi Collins, and he really wants to make her happy. Madi has asked Codey to go buy her some tampons, so he runs to the store. When he returns, he finds Madi in the living room trying on a bunch of bras she has recently purchased. Codey is embarrassed at the sight of his stepsister nearly topless, but Madi tells him not to worry. In practically the same breath, she informs him that he didn’t get her usual kind of tampons. Eager to please, Codey offers to go back to the store. Instead, she asks him to stick around and help her out by giving his opinion on the bras. Codey grows increasingly uncomfortable as Madi’s bras get skimpier, especially as the last one is sheer enough to show her nipples. Throwing herself into Codey’s lap, Madi claims it’s just because she’s so comfortable with her new stepbrother.Later, Madi and Codey are hanging out together on the couch. Madi has her head on Codey’s lap when she begins asking him questions about whether he got a bit of a chub earlier after seeing her boobs. Madi needs to coax Codey a little bit to get him to open up to her, but he eventually admits that he maybe got a bit hard. Madi offers to let Codey touch her pussy in return if he wants. Still shy, Codey tries to decline but Madi wasn’t actually ever going to take no for an answer. Taking her stepbrother’s hand, she lifts her shirt and puts his palm on her little tittly. A second later, she slides Codey’s hand lower into the front of her thong so he can feel how wet she is. Codey’s resistance is clearly melting away as Madi can tell he’s nice and hard. He eventually relents and agrees to let his stepsis suck him off, which just leads to all kinds of other sexy fun.Madi stays in charge as she gets to her knees and shoves her tits into Codey’s mouth so he can suck her until her nipples are hard peaks. She takes just enough time to shimmy out of her clothes, then climbs into Codey’s lap and slides down onto his hardon until she’s fully impaled. Codey’s hands slip beneath Madi’s ass to support her as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. Next Madi gets on her hands and knees so Codey can enjoy his petite stepsis from behind. On her back, Madi welcomes Codi between her thighs one last time. He pounds her until she’s moaning in delight, then pulls out to nut all over her red muff.